Five Self Love Must-Do’s for the Holidays


Show yourself some love this holiday season.
Written by Jenn Giamo


Ahh ... the holiday checklist. This usually includes shopping for groceries, buying last minute gifts and taking care of household chores. Now, if you’re a single parent or newly divorced, you are handling all of these things on your own and that can be tough.

What if we stopped - for just a moment - and did something kind for ourselves? A much needed break from the stress of preparing for the holiday festivities and navigating it alone. I promise, your list will still get done in time.

Here are a few ideas to give yourself a little love during this busy season:

  1. MEDITATE Give your mind a rest and try 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises or guided meditation before bed. Not only will it help you fall asleep, you may have a more peaceful rest allowing you to wake up more refreshed in the morning.

  2. STRETCH Give your body a tune-up. Try a restorative yoga class or simply follow cues from your body telling you where you are holding tension. Stretch and breathe into those areas.

  3. PRACTICE GOOD NUTRITION It’s so easy to indulge in holiday treats and adult beverages this time of year. You know how it feels to overdo it so be mindful and choose your food wisely. We don’t have to eat and drink everything that is served at every party!

  4. GET YOUR HEART PUMPING No, shopping doesn’t count! Try doing 20-30 minutes of purposeful exercise that raises your heart rate and boosts endorphins.

  5. GO TECH-FREE For one hour each day, don’t respond to texts or emails (unless urgent, of course). Turn off your computer, your iPad, any devices that didn’t exist 30 years ago. Your eyes and your brain will thank you.

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Amanda Gay