Follow Schully's Journey with Fresh Start Fitness!

Meet Lori, affectionately known as Schully. She is a hard-working Producer for Live with Kelly and Ryan, one of the highest rated daytime talk shows in the country. She has called this her home for almost 24 years. Her actual home is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her beloved rescue dog, Oliver. She grew up in Katonah, NY as the oldest of five siblings in a tight-knit family, then moved to NYC shortly after graduating from Northwestern University.

Schully is friendly, outgoing and fun to be around. Her positive energy is infectious, she is generous (sometimes to a fault), and her upbeat personality often garners much attention from her TV hosts as well - so she may look a little familiar to you!

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Why is she the subject of this post you’re wondering? Well, she is about to go through a major change in her life and we want to help her though it. 

After 12 years together and 9 years of marriage, she and her husband are getting divorced. We will not be diving into the details of the split but instead, focusing on her journey and the steps she can take to heal and thrive throughout this process and beyond.

She is ready to feel confident and strong, brave and unafraid; she wants to say goodbye to her old self, once and for all. She is ready to let go and embark on the next chapter: the best chapter. So we’re going to be with her as she works through our program, Fresh Start Fitness.

Jenn, founder of Trainers in Transit and overcomer of divorce herself, partnered with Worthy to create a program designed to help women live and thrive in a healthy way during and after a divorce.

The program includes:

Meditation: step out of the chaos, quiet your mind and let go of your thoughts with 10-minute, guided meditation sessions.
Yoga: follow a yoga routine that will help you release the negative emotions from your divorce and feel more centered.
Nutrition: divorce can disrupt your eating habits. Jenn's guide to clean eating will help you make balanced, healthy (and realistic) choices.
Cardio + strength workout: boost your confidence with a selection of exercises designed to make you feel empowered and able to achieve anything!

Sign yourself up for Fresh Start Fitness here!


As Schully begins our Fresh Start Fitness program this coming #FreshStartFriday, we will be beside every step of the way. Use #schullyshares to watch her transformation, post encouraging words and cheer her on!

Amanda Gay