Trainers in Transit


Trainers in Transit regularly trains a group of the producers at 'Live with Kelly and Ryan.' Ryan Seacrest even joined in - check it out here! Do you want to follow suit?  We offer personalized fitness classes, dedicated to giving you a sensational, total-body workout. Our featured class is 'H.I.I.T the Park" (High Intensity Interval Training) but if the producers of Live! can do it, then so can you! No equipment required - you simply use your own body weight to focus on intensive core, plyometrics and functional training. Our staff will help you create your perfect class: fun and personalized in your home, workplace, or favorite park for all your friends and colleagues to enjoy. Contact us with your inquires today!



Because looking (& feeling) good is the best revenge! Put down the Ben & Jerry’s. Turn off Adele. Stop social media stalking. And join your fellow heartbroken New Yorkers as we ignite our power to be strong, lean and back on the (dating) scene! Boost endorphins and your confidence in this 45-minute workout that will make you forget why you came. Don't sweat your ex - sweat with us!


This workout is all about the bride! Do you want toned arms for that sleeveless gown, a sculpted backside for the mermaid style or a whittled down waist for that princess dress? This total body bootcamp will have you fit to tie the knot in just 6 weeks! Our HIIT approach is custom designed to meet your goals and have you ready to walk down the aisle with confidence. Why not make it fun and enlist your bridesmaids too?


We created this program for new moms to get back on track. Restore your core with Pilates style exercises, burn calories with interval training and improve your energy levels, post-baby. This custom program is designed specifically for concerns of the new mom by focusing on the pelvic floor, lower back strength and overall health.



I am obsessed with Jenn and her team. She challenges you and pushes you beyond what you thought your limits were. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and helped me get my body back in shape, post-baby. My agency regularly has bootcamp training sessions with her too. She’ll kick your a** but you’ll love every minute of it!
— Stephanie



Every summer, Trainers in Transit will be hosting a dog friendly workout class in Central Park! Get ready to sit, stay, sweat - and support Animal Lighthouse Rescue! All fitness levels are welcome. We will be meeting outside Camp Canine (46 W 73rd St) before heading over to Central Park. Tickets are $35 if you pre-purchase, or $40 (cash only) if you pay at the event. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Animal Lighthouse Rescue. Stay tuned to Trainers in Transit’s social media to learn about upcoming Fitness Unleashed dates!




'train to' RUN

Meet Celeste. She had never run anywhere, other than in her high school gym class. She wanted to lose weight and decided to set a fitness goal of running a half marathon. She chose a Springtime race, which meant our training was in the dead of winter in NYC. It was COLD. There were days we were running with numb legs or in the pouring rain. She kept at it, and we were right there with her! She completed her very first half marathon that year and has never looked back. Although Celeste has left NY for LA, she carries on her fitness lifestyle via Skype workouts with us!


'train to' PLAY

Meet Alex. She was a competitive tennis player in college and suffered with some overuse injuries and muscular imbalances. She wanted to play tennis again, while also incorporating golf conditioning. We worked with Alex to re-condition her body, improve her flexibility and core strength, and get her back on the court. Not only is she killing her tennis game again, she's also keeping up with her corporate clientele on the golf course! Whatever game you're aiming to play, we can help you reach those goals.



'train to' COMPETE

Meet Lori & Nik. This is one fit couple! Lori is a personal trainer and her husband is a surgeon, so they know how important it is to stay healthy! Needing a little extra push and someone to hold them accountable, they enlisted Trainers in Transit to help them train for a Tough Mudder. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it is the most intense obstacle course competition there is. Guess what? They nailed it. Tough Mudder, a Triathlon, Spartan Races - whatever you're looking to compete in, we'll be there to make sure you succeed.




All classes are custom-designed to meet the needs of your workplace, and can be hosted in your office, meeting space, hotel or outdoors. 


BOOTCAMP CLASSES: We will take your group outside to a nearby park for a high intensity interval, 45-minute workout. 

YOGA: A highly skilled yoga teacher can customize a class to meet the needs and interests of your group. One hour or 90-minute classes, all fitness levels, both hatha yoga and vinyasa style classes offered.

PILATES: Using mat Pilates techniques, our experienced teachers will lead a class through the basics of movement, alignment and core stability. 

DEEP ATHLETIC STRETCH CLASS: Certified personal trainer specializing in corrective exercise will lead a group stretch class. Total body, myofascial release techniques included. 30 minutes

GROUP RUN: Our highly skilled running coaches will lead a 3-4 mile run in your neighborhood. We will map out the route & provide running tips along the way! Based on interest level, we can divide the group into 2 or 3 different pace groups. 45 minutes

WALKING TOURS: An expert tour guide will engage your group with interesting information of historical sites in the neighborhood of your
choice. (Manhattan only) 90 minutes - 3 hours

CHAIR MASSAGE: Give your employees a break with a 10, 15 or 20 minute chair massage. Licensed massage therapists will turn your space into a spa
for a day! 10, 15 & 20 minutes



We offered our employees the opportunity to attend Bootcamp classes taught by Jenn and her team. The trainers were dependable and the workouts were always challenging. If you want to reward your employees or motivate them to stay healthy (so they perform better at work), I would highly recommend Trainers in Transit to deliver the highest quality, customized fitness programs and professional staff.
— RM/Blisset Transportation Company