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Our corrective exercise specialists will come to you. Together, you’ll create a stretching program personalized to your body. The program exists to help you relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and improve mobility, allowing you to freely engage in an active lifestyle.

  • Step 1: Indentify movement patterns using a thorough, total body assessment process.

  • Step 2: Inhibit tension in areas identified as being overactive or shortened through assessments. We’ll use Myofascial Release Techniques (foam roller, therapy balls, etc.) This will reduce muscular tension, relieve muscle soreness and improve circulation.

    Step 3: Lengthen muscles with static stretching or neuromuscular techniques. This will reduce stiffness, increase range of motion and improve posture.

25 MIN SESSION: $45 | 55 MIN SESSION: $85
3 X 25/55 MIN: $125/$245 | 5 X 25/55 MIN: $195/395 | 7 X 25/55 MIN: $245/$525




Trainers In Transit offers comprehensive and effective personalized exercise programs with our accredited instructors who will make sure you reach your personal goals. Whether we come to your home, meet at your office or sign you up for bootcamp in the park, our team has an array of fitness programs that combine strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility—all to improve your overall health, muscular strength and endurance, while keeping your workouts motivating and fun.

10 PACK: $1,400 | 20 PACK: $2,600 | 30 PACK: $3,700



We offer a variety of yoga exercise programs to help achieve balance, flexibility and strength, utilizing your body, mind and spirit to create an awareness of alignment, focus and overall flexibility.  We specialize in Vinyasa Yoga (a series of flowing movements in repetition) and Hatha Yoga (focusing on slow, controlled movements and proper breathing techniques). Our instructors hold certifications from accredited institutions, and with our experience of working with all body types, we are able to properly modify exercises to help prevent injury.

10 PACK: $1,500 | 20 PACK: $2,900 | 30 PACK = $3,900



We offer pilates exercise programs (in your home or on location), with our certified instructors who will teach you how to increase muscle strength and flexibility. By teaching you how to control your movements and aline the spine while breathing deeply, pilates techniques help to increase blood circulation, while encouraging better posture and lucidity. Take a one-on-one session in the comfort of your home, in your building's gym, or outside in the park. It’s a workout that will help you live a pain-free life!

10 PACK: $1,500 | 20 PACK: $2,900 | 30 PACK = $3,900



We partner with excellent instructors who are skilled in reiki, shamanic healing and spiritual counseling. All of our clients who want to pair their fitness goals with spiritual cleansing are referred to The Healing Room

If you're searching for massage therapy, both fitness and non-fitness clients can team up with these licensed professionals that we feel confident referring you to. Pam Christenson Massage (PCM) will meet your needs, target any physical trigger points of concern, and provide a relaxing environment that will help to improve your overall well-being. 

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What can I say aside from they are helpful, knowledgeable, fun and motivating? If you want a challenging workout and guidance to get your body to look and feel the way you want it to, Trainers in Transit is your only option. I have tried other trainers and almost gave up on reaching my fitness goals until I met Jenn.
— C.N.